RW Dickerson employees are rude and incompetent

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My family and I viewed a rental property held by R.W. Dickerson in Spokane, WA. We completed our application and were told the process would take roughly 24-48 hours.

After 72 hours passed, we called to check the status of our application and the woman who answered the phone told my husband, "you are approved. Everything is fine, we just need your proof of income before we can move you in." So, we drove all the way across town to take them proof of income. When I dropped off the paperwork, the lady was incredibly rude to me and refused to schedule a second house-viewing with me; she said, "call back on Monday to schedule."

I called on Monday and told them I had been approved for the property and I wanted to view it one more time, just to be 100% sure. So, after viewing the home an additional time we decided to go drop off our deposit. When we arrived at the office ,we were told we were denied, and that a denial letter had been mailed.

Why would they tell us we were approved and then deny us? When we inquired about this, the owner was very rude to my husband and talked down to him.

The only professional and pleasant person in that establishment is Zack, the gentlemen who shows the houses. If you plan to rent from them, beware! They are rude and incompetent. Either we were lied to, or the staff just plain does not know what is going on. What a waste of time and money for us because they failed to be professional!

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